Two Medals at 2023 National Wine Show

Kings of Kangaroo Ground have been awarded two medals at the 2023 National Wine Show in Canberra.

The National Wine Show of Australia has been a highlight on the Australian wine industry calendar since it began in 1975. With only the highest-awarded wines at qualifying Australian wine shows making it to the judging table, National Wine Show winners represent the best of the best Australian wines. In 2021, an even more rigorous pre-qualification program was introduced. Only wines that have won gold or silver at one of 32 qualifying shows will be accepted for judging, meaning it will be a more competitive, higher-quality show than ever before.

Our 2020 Thirteen31 Pinot Noir and 2020 Avondale Shiraz qualified for the 2023 National Wine Show by both being awarded Silver Medals at the Victorian Wine Show in late 2022.

At the National Wine Show our 2020 Avondale Shiraz was awarded a Silver Medal and our 2020 Thirteen21 Pinot Noir was awarded a Bronze Medal.

Being such a tiny winery it’s not always practical to enter our wines into our national show, but we are ecstatic to be recognised at the highest level of the wine industry in Australia at the 2023 National Wine Show.

Not a bad result for two blokes in a shed in Kangaroo Ground.